Friday, April 30, 2010

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green for less green

Shel Horowitz--copywriter, ethicist and frugal fun expert--has combined all three in his new book: Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

The book has only been out a few months, and already sold Italian, Turkish and audio rights. It has more than 50 endorsements from prominent marketers and environmentalists.

And if you grab it now, you can get it at a huge discount. Shel says (with typical candid transparency):
If you've read a different Guerrilla Marketing book, this is completely different. If you've read my 2003 book Principled Profit, there is quite a bit of overlap, but also a whole lot of new material, especially on the environmental side.

(then register your purchase on my site to get $2600 worth of bonuses:
). Yes, the aliased Amazon link is an affiliate link. After all, I don't see anything more from the publisher unless the book earns out its advance, so the few cents I'll get from Amazon.
Get it now while Amazon is "giving it away."

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