Friday, June 06, 2008

Direct to Consumer aka Social Media Releases. They work!

One of the methods I have found most effective lately is what David Meerman Scott calls "Direct to Consumer News Releases." It relates to the core message of David's "New Rules of Marketing and PR." Check out the book and the free ebook.

The idea is simple enough. Today people are just as likely to google for information as pick up a newspaper or magazine. With increasing sophistication of search tools, it has become possible for everyone with something to sell or something to say to become a publisher. It's the pamphleteer's dream come true!

With services like PR Web and Business Wire, you can optimize a news release for specific keywords related to your product (or service or idea). Then you can post it to where it can turn up in a search on Google--side by side with mainstream media articles on the subject.

People reading your release care about the content. Not what publication it appeared in. As David says, "On the Internet, you are what you publish." See David's earlier discussion about the concept of D2C releases at IAOCblog (which I was hosting at the time).

On a similar note, some call Direct to Consumer releases "Social Media Releases." Same idea, similar technique. See this article from MarketingSherpa: How to Create and Distribute a Social Media Release

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