Monday, June 02, 2008

And the Winner is...

Mazel Tov! I have just won the Pulitzer Prize.

OK, not really. But this is close enough (for now). Jason Alba in his JibberJobber Blog has declared Personal Branding Winner of the Month - Morty Schiller!

Mark Twain said, "It is very difficult to take compliments. I do not care whether you deserve the compliments or not, it is just as difficult to take them.... I do not make any pretence that I dislike compliments. The stronger the better, and I can manage to digest them." So, please allow me to indulge in quoting from Alba's complimentary thunderbolt:
...not that there aren’t other experts in the space… but Morty’s websites (the main site and his blog) help me (a) find him and (b) trust him. Here’s what I like:

The personality… and sense of humor. As you read through his stuff, he is simply a likeable guy… non-threatening, approachable, etc. This is not a cold, clinical sales pitch… you can actually feel like you know Morty.

The competency. Check out his blog posts… these are smart. They are on-brand… related to wordsmith stuff. For example, Don’t use these words and The death of words are two posts that let me feel his passion for his trade, and help me know that he deeply thinks and cares about current issues in his area. It makes me think subject matter expert, and/or though leader.

The simplicity. There isn't noise here… no Google ads, no widgets, etc. Well, a little noise on the right side of the blog, but really, it’s quite clean and not distracting.

Thank You Jason!

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