Monday, January 09, 2006

But honestly, folks...

I've written several times about my own Sturm und Drang over ethics and marketing.
Digression: I'm supposed to be an advocate of simplicity in writing. So why didn't I just say "conflict" instead of "Sturm und Drang?" Frankly, Sturm und Drang was the first expression that came to mind. I speak "Simple" as a second language. For copywriters, plain talk is a must. "If you confuse 'em you lose 'em." Unlike copywriting, though, here I wanted to emphasize and stress the turmoil. (Thank you, Ben Yagoda, for reminding me that the Tablets Moses brought down from Sinai were not inscribed "Strunk & White"!) Now, back to our show....
While I'm still grappling with integrating marketing and principles, Shel Horowitz has made a career of balancing the two. (See Shel's blog: Principled Profit: The Good Business Blog.)

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