Thursday, April 17, 2008

From hard-sell mail order copywriter to software MarCom

Thought I should tell you... I've gone over to the "other side."

After freelancing for CYBRA Corporation for seven months, I was invited to come onboard. So I've gone from consulting to client side. Have I hung up my guns? With apologies to Shane -- you can't break the mold. There's no going back from being a Killer Copywriter. Right or wrong, it's a brand, a brand that sticks. There's no going back.

But I have made a strategic shift. I've moved from hard sell adman to online communicator. A case in point... CYBRA asked me to write a video script. As you might expect, I originally wrote a problem/solution commercial that had all the charm of Rosser Reeves's 1950's Anacin hammers-in-the-head ad.

Everybody loved it. Except... they wanted funny. I objected... insisting that funny doesn't sell. But then CYBRA president Harold Brand headed me off at the pass. He sent me an article from the Wall St. Journal on using humorous YouTube videos to expand your business. And the article quoted David Meerman Scott, reigning maven of viral video marketing. So there I was: facing down the boss... and the man who wrote the rules.

It was a marketing standoff.

So I made my move. I wrote a new video script. Funny. Everybody laughed. But it was too long. Then, working together with Sheldon Reich, CYBRA VP for Solutions, we turned it into a series of six videos!

So, let me introduce you to 2K…

No, not the millennium. This 2K is only 80 years old... barely five foot tall. And, he loves to dance.

"The MarkMagic Chronicles," features 2K -- "the 2,000 Year Old Programmer" in CYBRA's new series of YouTube videos created to promote the company's award-winning MarkMagic Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, and Electronic Forms Software for the IBM System i.

Midrange veterans -- from AS/400 to POWER Systems -- will recognize 2K's costume as the gear of many a programmer over the last 20 years of industry conferences. Granted not every code warrior carries a spare Twinax balun in his back pocket, a card deck in his shirt pocket, or a spare 8.5" floppy. But System i insiders will find 2K a hoot... from his patter to his vintage campaign buttons, propeller beanie, and pocket protector.

See the YouTube videos in the player below, or click on the video while it's playing to go to the YouTube page. If your office blocks YouTube, you can see the videos at

And check out the news story Four Hundred Stuff--CYBRA Goes for i's Funny Bone with 2K, the 2,000 Year Old Programmer from Alex Woodie, Senior Editor of IT Jungle publications.

Enjoy... and share! Email the playlist to your friends.

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