Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Caught by a spam filter

I just wrote a comment to a post on Bob Bly's blog: What, Me Worry About Spam Filters?

Bob asked about what copywriters are doing to deal with spam filters. My answer is below. You won't see it on Bob's blog, though.... It got stopped as spam!
Bob--A few years ago, Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome) declared email dead. And it's partially true. But the solutions out there are part of the problem. They are set to kill anything that moves. My email program (Thunderbird) has flagged my own messages as "email scams." And I was only writing to a friend! Outlook Express routinely zaps email attachments (especially zip files--innocent or not). And some of my mail has gotten blocked because of my web host!
There are filters you can use to test your emails before sending. (Anyone know a good one?) But I think Diana Huff has the right approach. Carefully proofread your copy for likely trigger words and substitute more polite ones. Until those get flagged....
This problem has helped the growth of marketing through blogs and RSS. But the nasties have already muddied those waters with comment and trackback spam. Oh what a world!

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