Sunday, January 22, 2006

RSS for Dummies?

Seth Godin has been evangelizing for RSS feeds. Seth, who calls himself an "agent of change," has made a career of being a messenger of the next big thing.

OK, RSS isn't all that "next." And it isn't rocket science. But Seth Godin has turned it into an art form and a Web 2.0 platform for sharing ideas and sources: See the "Lenses" in the Web space station (or is it a planetarium?) Seth launched called Squidoo.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, many of us live in a world that wouldn't know XML from XXL... or an aggregator from an agitator. How many times have you been asked "What's a blog?" (When I ran Blogger's spell check on this post, it didn't recognize the acronym "RSS"!)

For those of us still on the last big thing, FeedBlitz turns RSS feeds into good old fashioned emails. That's how I offer "free home delivery" of my blog to the RSS-challenged. You don't need Bloglines, NewsGator, Squidoo or any other news reader. All you need is an email address. Just click here to subscribe.

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