Monday, March 19, 2012

Tweet memories

OK, so I thought Twitter was for the birds. Finally Dianna Huff (@diannahuff) convinced me to spread my wings and fly. (Acrophobia and all!)

So, now I find myself tweeting and retweeting. And, lo and behold, I soon found some of my posts retweeted!

At first, I responded in kind and got into a loop of retweeting retweets. Then  I noticed posts saying "Thanks for the RT." And I wondered if there was an official protocol for responding to a retweet. A Google (not Twitter) search, turned up an interesting dilemma. It seems that showing simple gratitude can be the road to hell paved with the best of intentions!
Thanking someone for a retweet also leads to your Twitter stream quickly filling up with thanks, which slowly push down the original, insightful and unique content that got you those retweets in the first place. If you thank everyone who retweets you, you’ll alienate those who are following your account closely and you’ll start to see fewer retweets… which means fewer thanks, and, ultimately fewer followers. Not usually a good Twitter goal.
See the whole article: When Should You Thank Someone for a Retweet? - AllTwitter

I'll thank you for your opinion. Might even retweet it....

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