Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Like a subordinating conjunction

I just wrote a line using the phrase "like it was waiting for instructions..."

Are the grammar police going to put me up against the wall?

Grammar Girl says:
Whether you abide by this rule or not probably depends on how much of a grammar stickler you are.
On the other hand, she says
Even as like is becoming more entrenched in everyday use, professional grammarians are absolutely resolved that this is a trend worth fighting.
In desperation, I tried the great language libertarian, William Safire. He also confesses:
I have been breaking this "rule" frequently...
On the other hand, he concludes with a conditional...
Because like has been ripping through teenage lingo like a verbal virus — challenging even y’know — I will henceforth replace it with such as...

Sounds like Tevye, no?

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