Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pope calls for mercy for killer Martin Grossman as execution nears - St. Petersburg Times

The Pope has joined in a last minute chance to save a life

Unless enough people do something now, a man will die tonight.

Some people think Martin Grossman deserves to die. He brutally murdered Margaret Park. And I believe in capital punishment. But I also believe the case of Martin Grossman is unique.

Grossman is no Jack Abbott. He is not a hardened criminal who is a danger to society. Yes, he committed a horrendous atrocity. He can never "pay for his crime." Just as he cannot bring back Margaret Park. But taking Grossman's life will bring only a Pyrrhic victory for the justice system.

Grossman's was 19 in 1984 when he committed the crime. He was strung out on drugs, and borderline retarded (77 IQ). The years and his behavior and remorse since that day... add up to a new situation. He is not the same person who murdered Ms. Park. And Florida Governor Crist would be effectively executing a different man.

Ms. Park's family needs closure. But that closure can be achieved without killing Martin Grossman. Please ask the governor and other officials to stay the execution and request the sentence be commuted to life imprisonment.

Online petitions aren't effective. And my own email to Governor Crist bounced back as deleted without being opened. So please call all of these offices and leave messages if you can:
Governor's office 850-488-4441
Clemency Office: 850-488-2952 and https://fpc.state.fl.us/ExecutiveClemencyContact.htm

Ms. Alex Sink, CFO (850) 413-3100, http://www.myfloridacfo.com/aadir/contact.htm

Charles H. Bronson (R)
Phone 850-488-3022

Ask for a stay of execution for Martin Grossman.

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