Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's in a name? Everything for books and blogs!

Ted Demopoulos is running a series on blog names and quotes an almost famous marketing sage:
Blogging for Business: Treat Blog Names as Seriously as Book Names: Morty Schiller

Book titles, and I suppose blog names, are what sell the product... (maybe) even more than the content. Book business guru Dan Poynter says in Beware of Working Titles
The title must be easy to remember and easy to say. It has to grab the attention of the potential buyer and it must project an image the buyer can relate to. Authors and publishers often argue over titles. Authors may be closer to the subject matter and publishers may be closer to the buyers.
And he quotes book marketing pioneer Nat Bodian:
Authors, as a rule, are poor judges of titles and often go for the cute or clever rather than the practical.
Bodian, in How to Choose a Winning Title, takes it even further (maybe too far!):
"Choose a title for your book at least as carefully as you would select a given name for your first-born child."
Bottom line: When you're blogging for business, beware the curse of cleverness!

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