Sunday, April 29, 2007

Book Review: "Turning Clicks into Leads," by Dianna Huff

When I first heard of SEO copywriting it sounded like a hodgepodge of New Age cyber-sorcery and subliminal advertising.

Vance Packard meets The Alchemist.

Like copy maestro Bob Bly, frankly, I was skeptical. Then I saw that Bob softened his stand and I decided to take another look. Which brought me to Dianna Huff's e-book, "Turning Clicks into Leads"

Huff manages to make sense of the world of SEO copywriting without confusing jargon (or forced humor). The book walks you through the basic concepts and gives you enough tools to try some basic SEO yourself. At least you'll never make such dumb mistakes again as using a slick graphic home page that looks good, but effectively blocks search engines from bringing you new customers!

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