Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm your friend, let me sell you something

Last week I was talking with an editor about an article I sent him for a client. I had toned down the plug for the organization. But I guess my feet were showing out from under the cover....

The editor said, "It's too much hype!"

Like the Wizard of Oz caught behind his curtain, I feigned righteous indignation: "Hype!? How could you accuse me of hype?!!"

And we both broke out laughing......

OK, let me ask you. Do you believe marketers? Do you believe lawyers? How about politicians?

I would like to say there's a difference in that lineup. Marketers are a different breed of "liars." Once we eliminate scammers, spammers and other bottom feeders... I believe that marketing is more ritualized than the Cluetrain metaphor of a "conversation." I would say that marketing is a dance. And we agree to move in certain ways with and around each other... until the music stops!

See my comment to IAOCblog :: I'm your friend, let me sell you something and please add your own comment.

Shall we dance?

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