Wednesday, December 21, 2005

P.S. to the P.S.

Here is a "guest appearance" from Veteran (and venerable) copywriter, Bob Gaines, who had this take on my earlier post:
Very interesting point. Here's my read on why the P.S. on email is not as effective. And I invite you to pretend you're Dr. Watson and I am Holmes.

Watson, take a look at the very next email you read. It's merely words on a screen. Not a piece of paper that you hold in your hand that provides a full view of its total content (a situation that precludes anyone from not realizing that a P.S. follows the signature). Not so in email. Very often, readers of an electronic communication simply conclude the message is over after the sign off name. Why, you ask? Because my dear doctor, there is such a large gap between the name of the sender and the elusive P.S. hidden just below the sight line. A fatal flaw when considering busy readers who, after determining who sent the message simply assume its complete. Sorry Watson, that's enough of an explanation for now. Unless you want to consider the possible involvement of Moriarty.

I call this case, "the eleven line solution."

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